Alumni Stories: I NEVER thought I’d be a WOC Nurse

WHEN I WAS IN NURSING SCHOOL, I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE IN THE PROCESS OF BECOMING A WOC NURSE! I knew I didn’t want to deal with wounds, or ostomies. When I worked in the hospital, I was able to avoid wounds and ostomies majority of the time. As I practiced in home care, I started to enjoy wound and ostomy care. I was able to see wounds that I thought would never heal, heal. I began to admire the WOC nurse in my work setting. The knowledge they have and the commitment to achieving best outcomes for patients were outstanding. My WOC nurse colleague saw my interest and stated to me during one of our many conversations that I should consider becoming a WOC nurse. During self-reflection I realized how great of a need there is for WOC nurses in the home care setting. Everyone does not have access to equal healthcare, especially when it pertains to a specialty. Many self-treat wounds at home due to various reasons. I knew I had to gain the knowledge to make a change. That is why I enrolled in the full scope practice.  F. A Fall 2021