Alumni Stories: I was certain I did not want to be a nurse

AFTER I GRADUATED FROM NURSING SCHOOL WITH MY BACHELOR’S IN NURSING DEGREE, I WAS CERTAIN I DID NOT WANT TO BE A NURSE. I started working with a WOC nurse a few years later. I watched how well she worked with Ostomy and Wound care patients with and how well versed she was in the healing process of wounds. I started to enjoy seeing patients with wounds because I was interested in assessing them and providing the right treatment for their wound based on the patient’s needs, educating them on nutritional supplements for wound healing, and guiding them through making personal decisions that will promote wound healing. I have known for many years that I would get certified as a WOC nurse however, my research never led me to an option for online learning until last year. I have never been more excited to start this journey to become a WOC nurse. H. G Summer 2021

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