Wound, Ostomy, and Continence (WOC) Nurses Week Starts!

Wound, Ostomy, and Continence (WOC) Nurses make a difference in someone’s life each and every day.  Ostomies save lives, wounds are healed, and bowel and bladder control are improved every single day.  Most nurses spend their entire professional career helping, learning, and continuing their education to make a positive impact as frontline caregivers.  So many patients entrust their wellbeing to these specialty healthcare professionals.  This is why we should take a moment to celebrate all the WOC Nurses out there.  Starting April 17, 2022, WEB WOC® encourages everyone to come together and help us celebrate WOC Nurse Week.

We want to encourage and empower WOC nurses and patients to come together and celebrate these professionals.  Not every day is splendid, but every day is an impactful day.  If you’re a WOC Nurse, proudly let people know!  Let’s celebrate YOU by recognizing and celebrating with other WOC Nurses and healthcare providers at all levels!  As a WOC Patient, even being aware of WOC Nurse’s week alone is a way of recognition!

The Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society™ is a professional organization that accredits WOC nursing education programs like WEB WOC®. It provides a resource tool kit filled with simple ideas and resources to help WOC nurses celebrate and raise awareness within their healthcare organization: https://www.wocn.org/wocnurseweek2022/

If you haven’t already, head over to their website and check out the details on the WOC Nurse Week Photo Contest: https://www.wocn.org/wocnurseweek2022/

WOC Nurse Week officially ends on April 23, 2022, but don’t let the celebrations and recognition end there.  Continue to thank these nurses every day. Don’t forget to tell your friends! #WOCNurseWeek2022.  And to all the WOC Nurses out there, take a few moments for yourselves.  You’ve invested precious time and resources into your professional development so remember to invest time in appreciating YOU!